HP Officejet 5740 Airprint Setup

HP Officejet 5740 AirPrint functions in your private wireless network to print straight from supported apps on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The print is carried out to a compatible HP printer. These apps run on iOS 4.2 or later version. HP 5740 AirPrint is a mobile printing solution which is enabled with the Apple iOS v4.2 and advanced mobile operating systems.

Step 1: Verify the printing requirements

  • Ensure that your printer and Apple iOS device adhere to the requirements below to print with AirPrint.
  • iOS 4.2 or advanced running on the Apple iOS device
  • An HP printer that is equipped with HP Officejet 5740 AirPrint
  • A link to the printer
  • Ensure that your printer and the Apple iOS device must be situated on the same local network or your printer must faciliate Wi-Fi Direct or HP wireless direct.
  • Attempt printing. In case a No HP Officejet AirPrint Printers Found message shows, proceed with the next step.

Step 2: Ensure that the Apple iOS device and printer are linked

  • This can be either by means of a wireless network or by means of a Wi-Fi Direct/HP wireless direct. In case your printer is linked to your computer by means of a USB cable, then you must avail of Wi-Fi Direct/HP wireless direct.

Step 3: Print from your Apple iOS device

  • Ensure that the printer is powered on.
  • Access the document, photo, email, or webpage you wish to print, and then click the Action icon. You can also click to display menu options.
  • You can choose your printer from the list.
  • Click Options to modify other settings if necessary. Certain options including paper size might not be customizable and must be modified from the printer.
  • Choose the number of copies you like to print.

Quick Support for HP Officejet 5740 Airprint

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HP Officejet 5740 AirPrint does not consist of the option to change the paper size. But, if your OJ 5740 printer has a paper sensor, HP Officejet AirPrint automatically fine-tunes the print size to the detected paper. If your printer consists of a control panel with the option to change paper sizes, you can do the same, and the Apple iOS device identifies the new paper through HP 5740 AirPrint, and then adjusts the printout accordingly. If you want to choose or change print options, Apple AirPrint permits you to print web pages, documents, emails, images, and text from apps that support AirPrint.

By and large, there are around five print options that display after you press Print, and then choose your printer:

  • Choose a printer: Choose from existing printers on your local network that you wish to print to.
  • Number of copies: Choose the number of copies of the item that you wish to print.
  • Black & White: Choose to print in grayscale. This option only shows for color printers.
  • Paper: Displays the paper size chosen for the printer. The paper size cannot be modified from the Apple iOS device.
  • Double-sided printing: You can opt to print on both sides of the paper.
  • Page range: You can choose specific pages within a document to print.
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