HP Officejet 5740 Fax Setup

Get your HP Officejet 5740 Fax printer ready for faxing by confirming that you have the right equipment, have made use of the proper telephone cables, and have tested the connection.

  • You should have a steady telephone landline, install the cartridges, mount plain, white paper int the input tray, and get the telephone cord and adapter that was shipped in the box with the OJ 5740 printer. Link the telephone cord and customize the ring settings from the printer’s control panel.
  • Detach any telephone devices from the phone socket where you are linking the OJ 5740 printer. Detach the yellow plug from the port titled 2-EXT on the back side of the printer.
  • Detach your answering machine phone cord from the phone socket. Subsequently, link it to to the port labeled 2-EXT on the back side of the printer.
  • Link one end of the phone cord to the phone socket, and then link the other end to the port labeled 1-LINE on the back side of the HP Officejet 5740 Fax Printer.
  • Ensure that you use the phone cord that was shipped with the printer to link the printer to the telephone wall socket.
  • From the home screen available on the printer’s control panel, slide the display to the left, and then tap HP Officejet 5740 Fax Setup.
  • Slide up on the display, tap Fax Setup, tap Setup Wizard, and then trail the steps to set up the HP 5740 Fax printer for faxing.
  • The default fax settings of your printer are the ones that are required to send and receive faxes.
  • Execute a fax test to confirm that the fax is configured correctly.

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HP Officejet 5740 Fax Sending

How to Send a fax from the scanner glass

When you use only a single document, the paper you are scanning is not of the standard paper type, or if your printer model does not consist of an ADF.

  • Take away any paper from the ADF, and then elevate the scanner lid.
  • Mount the original with the print side faced down, on the upper-left corner of the scanner glass.
  • Adjust the original to the etched guides adjacent to the edge of the glass.
  • Shut the scanner lid.
  • From the home screen available on the printer’s control panel, tap Fax.
  • Key in the fax number in the Enter fax number: field. You can also avail a saved number from the Phone Book. Both can be done using the numeric keypad.
  • Tap Black or Color in HP Officejet 5740 Fax Setup Option.

How to Sending a fax by means of the ADF

It is the preferred way for sending multipage faxes.

  • Position the ADF paper width guide in such a way that it is in the outermost position.
  • With the document print-side up, mount the paper so that the top edge of the document is mounted in the ADF initially, and then position the paper width guides inward until they halt at the edge of the paper.
  • When paper is fed in the ADF, the HP Officejet 5740 Fax printer identifies the mounted paper with a unique sound.
  • Tap Fax from the home scree available on the printer’s control panel.
  • Availing the numeric keypad, enter the fax number in the Enter fax number: field or avail a saved number from the Phone Book.
  • Tap Black or Color in HP Officejet 5740 Fax Setup Option.


eFax is convenient to use, but it varies from a typical phone-based fax machine. There is no need of a phone line, so you don’t have to get worried over busy signals, and you can keep your OJ 5740 printer where you prefer, not where the phone sockets are situated. eFax avails the printer’s Internet connection for the purpose of sending and receiving faxes. At the time of sending a fax, it is sent through the Internet to the eFax server and then eFax sends your fax to the receiver’s fax machine through a standard phone line. When you receive your fax, it is done so in a similar fashion but the specific order is reversed. While the sender sends the fax through a phone line to eFax, eFax sends the fax to your OJ 5740 printer by means of HP’s ePrint service.

  • Link your HP 5740 Fax printer to your wireless network. You can also link it through an ethernet cable to your router so the printer consists of Internet access.
  • Subscribe to the facility of eFax.
  • To make your eFaxes print out on the OJ 5740 printer, you should set up the ePrint functionality of the printer. Then you can obtain the Printer Claim Code. You can avail the printer’s default ePrint email address to key into your eFax account for an email address to get the faxes too. If you prefer, you can conveniently personalize the email address for HP ePrint.