HP Officejet 5740 USB connecting mode

Set up your printer for a HP Officejet 5740 USB cable link to a Windows or Mac computer. You can make use of the full feature HP driver.

  • Examine the requirements and remove any prior installed printer versions from Windows or Mac to arrange for the USB connection setup and driver installation.
  • Make sure that the OJ 5740 printer is switched on and in an active state.Get hold of a HP Printer USB cable .
  • Make sure that there is an existing USB port on your computer: If you link through a USB hub or docking station, the OJ 5740 printer might not receive sufficient power to correctly operate.


  • If you linked the USB cable to the computer before setting up the HP driver, proceed with these steps to delete the printer from the installed devices to confirm of a successful setup. Otherwise install the driver.
  • Detach the HP Officejet 5740 USB cable from the computer. Do not relink the cable until indicated during the driver installation step.
  • Browse Windows for ‘devices’, and then tap the Devices and Printers control panel setting in the generated results.
  • Right-tap the icon for your printer’s model, and then tap Remove device. If several icons are available for the printer, delete them all.
  • Exit from the Devices and Printers window..
  • Download and install the best existing print driver to finish the USB connection.
  • Go to our site’s Software and Driver Downloads section and make sure that your operating system is appropriate.
  • Under Driver-Product Installation Software, download the full feature driver and then perform the on-screen instructions. You can also choose Download only to save and run the driver file from your computer.
  • When signaled by the installer, choose HP Printer USB Cable as the printer’s connection option.


  • Detach the HP Printer USB cable from the computer. Do not re-attach the cable until asked during the driver installation step.
  • A full feature driver download or is available to download, or avail the driver through Apple Software Update.
  • Go to our site’s Software and Driver Downloads section and under Driver-Product Installation Software, make use of the full feature driver. Access the .dmg file in the Downloads folder or browser bar.
  • After choosing HP Officejet 5740 USB as the connection option, tap Add Printer. This forms a print queue.
  • After the Add window initiates, tap Name of your printer > Use or Print Using menu > Name of your printer in the pop-up menu > Add.
  • Now you can endeavor printing, scanning or faxing.

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